Graphite Anode Manufacturers

graphite anode manufacturers are in the race to be the first to produce battery-grade graphite outside of China, as demand for EV Li-ion batteries is expected to rise sharply. The US, which is 100% dependent on foreign imports for this critical material, needs new sources to avoid a supply chain bottleneck.

The Graphite Creek deposit near Nome, Alaska, is the world's largest known graphite resource, according to the US Geological Survey. GPH says its prefeasibility study has used only one square kilometer of the 16-km deposit, so it can easily crank up production to a level where it becomes not just a domestic producer but also a major international supplier.

South Korea's steel giant POSCO Chemical is increasing its capacity to produce synthetic graphite for lithium-ion batteries at its plant in the southeastern industrial port city of Pohang. The company supplies a number of large lithium-ion battery anode manufacturers, including Samsung, LG and SK Hynix. POSCO Chemical receives needle coke, a key raw material for synthesizing graphite, from its subsidiary.

Manufacturer of corrosion resistant graphite anodes used in soils, flowing seawater and sea mud applications. Products are available in lump, granular, powder, slurry and micron sized grades. Services include chemical or electrochemical purifying, ultra-fine grinding, refining, processing and blending. Packaging options include pails, paper bags and fiber drums or FIBC bulk bags. Meets MIL-P Spec, ASTM and AMS standards.

Founded in 2007 by Pyrotek and Amsted Graphite Materials, Anovion has the largest capacity of any western hemisphere anode powder graphitization operation. The company has 140 years of combined synthetic graphite materials science experience, manufacturing excellence and pedigree, enabling it to offer a secure supply of US-sourced anode material that is fully qualified for use in commercial electric vehicle and DoD aerospace applications.

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