Graphite Anode Manufacturers

graphite anode manufacturers

A key requirement of lithium-ion batteries is the anode, which stores the energy to power the battery. Currently, natural and synthetic graphite anodes are used, but demand for natural graphite is set to surpass synthetic before the end of the decade.

Several anode manufacturers are developing next-gen graphite anode materials. Two of the companies that have filed for patents are Group 14 and Sila, but they haven’t yet produced on a commercial scale.

Stora Enso is also exploring an anode material derived from lignin, a by-product of pulp manufacturing, which could be scalable to large volumes. This product would allow a significant increase in anode production at a European level to meet the demand for electric vehicles and batteries.

The graphite industry is a major part of the global economy and is heavily reliant on China. As a result, Chinese companies dominate the electrode and anode industries.

Anode manufacturers have the potential to diversify the global supply of graphite and create new jobs. They’re also a source of investment, as they have the potential to build new plants that can help fuel the booming electric vehicle market.

Nevertheless, there are a few challenges for the graphite industry that need to be addressed in the near future. One is the first cycle irreversible capacity (Cirr) that can be reduced by surface modification of graphite particles.

Moreover, it is important to develop electrolyte compositions that sustain stable electrode/electrolyte interfaces and interphases. This is particularly relevant for LIBs, which need to be able to support long-cycle operations.

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