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    2020 Annual Report on Natural Flake Graphite Industry Research

    2020 is a year of ups and downs: Affected by the epidemic, the price of natural graphite is hovering at a low level, and the price of negative-mesh graphite has declined. The price of 80-mesh flake gr...

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    Understanding the difference between natural graphite and artificial graphite: how to develop artificial graphite products with natural graphite

    1 Natural Graphite natural graphite is formed by the transformation of carbon-rich organic matter under the long-term action of high temperature and high pressure. The technological properties of natu...

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    What conditions can convert graphite into a diamond?

    Graphite is at a pressure of 50,000 to 60,000 atmospheres (i.e. (5-6) × 103MPa) and a high temperature of 1,000 to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Then metal iron, cobalt, nickel, etc. are used as catalysts to convert graphite into diamond powder.

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    The relationship between carbon, carbon and graphite

    As the editor of TRunnano graphite, I often see carbon materials, graphite electrodes, graphite anode plates, cathode plates, etc. in various documents. People who are new to this industry often don’t know how to distinguish the relationship between graphite, carbon and carbon; Looking through the literature, this article will help you understand.

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    how to make a graphite mold?

    High-purity graphite is chemically treated, washed with water and expanded at high temperature to obtain a flexible and fluffy graphite material. This is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to make graphite products for various purposes.

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    Graphite crucible formed from natural graphite

    The main raw material of graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite, which maintains the original physical and chemical properties of natural graphite. In addition, graphite has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance and good chemical stability. The high-quality domestic crucible has the following characteristics:

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    The difference between natural graphite flakes and synthetic graphite flakes

    Natural graphite sheetThe value of natural graphite and the relationship between its purity and particle size. Natural artificial graphite sheet has high thermal conductivity, easy construction, flexi...

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    Characteristics and application fields of high purity graphite

    High-purity graphite refers to the carbon content of graphite>99.99%, which is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in the metallurgical industry, stabilizers of fireworks materials in the military industry, pencil leads in the light industry, carbon brushes in the electrical industry, electrodes in the battery industry, Catalyst additives for the fertilizer industry, etc.

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    The advantages of lithium-ion batteries

    1. High specific energy, the ratio of energy to mass of lithium-ion battery can reach 120~200Wh/kg, which is the highest among current batteries. Since metallic lithium is very light, it has the most ...

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    What is the effect of graphene on the body

    Graphene is used to accelerate the osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, and it is also used to make biosensors for epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide.

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    The mechanism of graphite lubrication

    Graphite has a hexagonal crystal structure. Because the bonding force between the surfaces parallel to the foundation surface is weak, these crystals are easy to shear between the surfaces, that is, the friction force is small, and at the same time, it can support the load perpendicular to the foundation surface, so the bearing capacity is strong, and the friction coefficient is small. It has the best properties as a solid lubricant.

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    Lithium-ion battery anode material PK: graphite vs silicon material

    Graphite materials are the veterans of the lithium-ion battery industry and have many excellent qualities. However, with the emergence of a number of high-performance anode materials in recent years, it has threatened the status of graphite materials and performed a drama of falling in love and killing each other. As an outstanding representative of new materials, silicon anode material is really unreasonable with graphite.