Graphite,Anode Materials for Li-ion Battery !

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    Graphite is an excellent anode material for lithium batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries refer to two different types of secondary battery systems that use lithium intercalation compounds that can reversibly intercalate and deintercalation lithium ions as the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. During charging, lithium ions are de-intercalated from the positive electrode and are embedded into the negative electrode through the electrolyte and the separator; when discharged, lithium ions are de-intercalated from the negative electrode and are inserted into the positive electrode through the electrolyte and the separator. The negative electrode of a lithium-ion battery is made by mixing a negative electrode active material, a binder, and an additive, and pasting the paste on both sides of a copper foil, drying and rolling.

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    Research Status of Lithium ion Battery Anode Materials

    1. Lithium-ion battery charging and discharging worksThe real lithium-ion battery was developed by Sony Corporation of Japan in the 1990s.A lithium ion battery is a general term for a battery in which...