Li-ion Anode Materials

The main constituent materials of lithium ion batteries include electrolytes, separator materials, positive and negative electrode materials, etc. The positive electrode material occupies a large proportion (the mass ratio of the positive and negative electrode materials is 3:1~4:1), because the performance of the positive electrode material directly affects the performance of the lithium ion battery, and its cost also directly determines the battery cost.

Applications of Li-ion Anode Materials

Lithium-ion battery is a new generation of green high-energy battery with excellent performance, which has become one of the focuses of high-tech development. Lithium ion batteries have the following characteristics: high voltage, high capacity, low consumption, no memory effect, no pollution, small size, small internal resistance, less self-discharge, and more cycles. Because of its above-mentioned characteristics, lithium-ion batteries have been applied to many civil and military fields such as mobile phones, notebook computers, video cameras, digital cameras and so on.

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