Multi-walled carbon nano-tubes

Carbon nanotubes (multi-walled carbon nanotubes) are graphite sheets composed of a layer of carbon atoms rolled into a seamless, hollow tube at a certain angle.

single wall carbon nanotube

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT or SWNT) are all composed of carbon atoms. The geometric structure can be regarded as single-layer graphene curled. The structure determines the properties.


Carbon Nanotube

Carbon Nanotube

Carbon nanotubes, also known as buckytubes, are one-dimensional quantum materials with a special structure (radial dimensions are in the order of nanometers, axial dimensions are in the order of microns, and both ends of the tube are basically sealed). Carbon nanotubes are mainly composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape to form a coaxial circular tube with several to dozens of layers. Keep a fixed distance between the layers, about 0.34nm, and the diameter is generally 2~20nm. And according to the different orientation of carbon hexagon in the axial direction, it can be divided into three types: zigzag, armchair and spiral. Among them, spiral carbon nanotubes have chirality, while zigzag and armchair carbon nanotubes have no chirality.

Applications of graphite Powder

Carbon nanotubes can be made into transparent and conductive films to replace ITO (indium tin oxide) as the material of touch screens. Carbon nanotube touch screen also has the characteristics of flexibility, anti-interference, waterproof, knock resistance and scratch resistance, can be made into a curved touch screen, and has a high potential for application to wearable devices, smart furniture and other products. The properties of carbon nanotubes can produce many composite materials with excellent properties. Carbon nanotubes also provide physicists with the finest capillaries for studying capillary phenomena, and chemists with the finest test tubes for nanochemical reactions.

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