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By | 2020-12-23 08:54

The conductive principle of graphite powder

Generally, rubber is insulated. If it needs to be conductive, then conductive material needs to be added. Graphite powder has excellent conductivity and lubricating release properties. Processing graphite into graphite powder has excellent lubrication and conductivity. The higher the purity of the graphite powder, the better the conductivity. 

Many special rubber products factories need conductive rubber, so can graphite powder be added to rubber to conduct electricity? The answer is yes, but there is also a question, what is the proportion of graphite powder in rubber? Some companies use less than 30%. This type of rubber products are used on wear-resistant rubber products, such as automobile tires. There are also special rubber factories that use 100%. This is the basic principle of conduction. It is the conductor that cannot be interrupted, just like a wire, if it is broken in the middle, it will not be energized. The conductive graphite powder in the conductive rubber is the conductor. If the graphite powder is interrupted by the insulating rubber, it will not conduct electricity. , So if the proportion of graphite powder is less, the conductive effect may not be good.