Nano Graphite Powder

Nano graphite powder is a very fine powder that is used in various applications. It has excellent electrical conductivity. This particle is available in coated and non-coated forms. Some of the applications of nanographite are as energy storing materials and lubricant.

A nano-graphite particle is typically found in diameters of 10 to 45 nanometers. The particles have a specific surface area of 30 to 50 m2/g.

Graphite powder has many uses in the electronics industry. It is used in electric motor brushes, conductive coatings, and brake linings. In addition, it is a high conductor and has a good oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

Using a pulverizing method, the particles are able to be prepared in a very small size. They are also used in anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

The preparation method of nanographite is one of the key factors in its efficiency. A rapid pulverization process is one of the methods. During the pulverization process, the particle size is reduced by a factor of about ten. Afterwards, the particles are mixed into an IPA solution and dispersed.

The results showed that the average particle size was 295 nm. Furthermore, it was calculated that the intensity of the curve was about 2.5 times higher than other curves. After the particle-size-distribution plot was made, it was approximated by a Gaussian curve.

The nano-graphite was prepared by rapidly pulverizing natural flake graphite with diamond particles. After three hours of grinding, the particle size was reduced by a factor of about eighty percent.

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